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Child Support End in Texas

Most parents are happy to take on the responsibility of supporting their children. However, the burden is an expensive one, which leads parents to wonder, "When does child support end in Texas?"

Texas Child Support Law

Texas law recognizes adulthood as beginning at the age of 18. Accordingly, this also is when child support ends. There are exceptions to this rule. If a child is still in high school at the age of 18, then the period of child support continues until graduation.

Another exception may occur if your child successfully petitions to be emancipated before his eighteenth birthday. Furthermore, your child is then legally recognized as an adult and is no longer entitled to child support. Such occurrences are relatively rare, but not unheard of. Emancipation usually is granted to minors at the age of 16 or 17.  It can be accomplished in numerous ways. If the minor gets married or joins the military, they legally become an adult without further petitioning. Alternatively, a child of 16 or 17 can petition the court to declare him emancipated if he is living apart from his parents and can support himself.

There Are Some Exceptions to the Rule

On the other hand, a disabled child who requires ongoing support can still receive mandated payments well beyond his eighteenth birthday. The court looks at each situation on an individual basis, reviewing the specific physical, emotional and mental needs of the child. Judges weigh the type and amount of care the child requires, the financial resources of the parents and what sorts of assistance programs may be available to the disabled person. Furthermore, the judge may order the child support payments to continue indefinitely.

Sometimes, a minor child will decide to move in with the non-custodial parent. If the non-custodial parent has already been paying child support, there is a possibility those payments may no longer be necessary.  It is crucial not to cease paying. Instead, it is essential to file a motion with the court to stop the payments. The former custodial parent may now be responsible for paying child support.

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Texas Child Support Law

There is no single answer to the question: "When does child support end in Texas?" The answer really depends on your particular situation and life events.  If you have more questions about child support and related matters in Texas, contact Fathers Rights.  Furthermore, you may call or text America Family Law Center.

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