Does Terminating My Parental Rights Terminate Child Support in Texas?

Terminate Child Support in TexasFor several years, it seems like there have been many misunderstandings among fathers about how to terminate child support in Texas. Some fathers believe that if they end their parental rights, then they won't owe child support anymore. This is not true in most cases.  Child support is a parental obligation.  Furthermore, fathers can waive their parental rights, but not their legal obligations.

Family law courts in Texas always act in the best interests of the child. Usually, this means having two loving, supportive parents involved in the child's life. Unless one of the parents is abusive or neglectful, judges normally don't see a reason to terminate parental rights.

There is One Exception to the Rule

One of the few exceptions to this is a case where the child is being adopted by a step-parent. If the step-parent begins providing financial support, then the biological father may ask to end their parental rights. This likely would terminate child support in Texas.

If the father becomes involved, this does not mean that the back child support is no longer owed. Although future payments may not be due, those old debts will still be hanging over the father's head.

At least, that is the case if the child's other parent does not agree to forgive those missing child support payments. If the other parent is determined to get that money, then the state can still pursue the father. Sometimes, it is possible to negotiate a payment plan or a smaller lump-sum payment to satisfy the debt.

Of course, the real downside to legally ending the parent-child relationship is that you no longer have the right to see your child or have a say in how they are raised. This can be really painful for both the parent and the child, so it is best to only move forward with this option after a lot of thought.However, it is all but impossible to get rid of back child support that father already owes. A father can give up his right to visit or possess their child when a step-parent

Make the Right Decision for the Right Outcome

If you want to terminate child support in Texas, then giving up your rights as a father is probably not the way to do it. The courts rarely agree to end your obligations unless another parent is there to fill the void. Even then, the process of giving up your rights is an expensive and difficult one.  To get help call or text today.

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