How to Establish Visitation in Texas with Your Children

Visitation rightsParents are lucky in Texas because the courts do their best to let them remain active in their child's life. It means that even if one parent is appointed as the primary conservator of the child, the other parent will probably have ongoing rights to visitation in Texas. The only exception to this is when the non-custodial parent is may be abusing the child. Furthermore, the court may order visitation to both parents.  The judge will do this only if it feels that both parents are capable and willing to take care of the child.  If you have questions about visitation rights in Texas, contact us today.

The custodial parent is the one who provides the main home for the child. The child will spend most of their time with the custodial parent. Furthermore, non-custodial parents also have visitation rights.

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Visitation rights in Texas can be quite flexible, especially when both parents can agree on the parenting plan. The children's best interests will always come first in the courts.  If the court decides that it is in the best interest of the child, it will approve the request.  It means that the visitation plan can be as detailed or simple as the parents want it to be.

If there is no visitation schedule listed in the parenting plan, the court will enforce a standard possession order. The standard possession schedule is listed in Texas laws. The non-custodial parent will have the child each month on the first, third and fifth weekends. Visitation is stipulated to begin at six in the evening on Friday, continuing through 6 pm on Sunday.  Furthermore, Thursday evenings between six and eight also are regular possession hours. The summer months have a bit more room for change because non-custodial parents can be granted an additional 30 days.

The judge will have to make the decision if the parents cannot agree on their plan for the child.

Moreover, the court realizes that life can bring unexpected events. Furthermore, visitation agreements may need modification as the children get older and their needs change.  When children transition from middle school to high school, they may want to spend more time with their friends rather than parents.

The best way to make any updates or changes is by working with the court system to request a modification.

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