Is Your Ex-Spouse Influenced by Malicious Mother Syndrome?

Malicious Mother SyndromeSome separations and divorces are amicable, with the ex-spouses getting along well enough to continue raising their children within the terms of a parenting plan. Others don't get along very well, but they continue to make efforts to provide healthy homes for their kids. Then, there is another situation in which one of the ex-spouses, often the ex-wife, is influenced by Malicious Mother Syndrome.

If you believe that you and your children are suffering as a result of Malicious Mother Syndrome, then you may be able to seek help that makes it easier for you to keep seeing your kids without their mother causing problems.

Know the Warning Signs

Women who seem to have this condition show certain signs. Their actions are purposeful, vengeful and repetitive. What they do may be hurtful to the children or to their ex-spouse. In some cases, their behavior is even criminal, which is why you may need some help if you believe your former partner has this syndrome.

A doctor named Ira Turkat came up with the signs of this syndrome. These signs include trying to influence the child against the father and involving others, perhaps even the court, in their attempts to keep fathers away from their children. A mother with this syndrome also may try to interfere with visitation or make communication difficult. Further, the mother may try to limit the father's ability to participate in school activities. Some women routinely lie to their children and others in an attempt to make the father look bad.

Some cases that involve this condition are obvious while others are not. A mother may force children to sleep in the car or refuse to give them food, telling the kids that their father refuses to pay for a place to live or groceries. Mothers similarly may give fathers incorrect information about conferences and school activities so that they cannot be involved.

In more serious cases, mothers have set fire to the father's house or crashed their car into the living room. Some have lied under oath, which may lead to changes and restrictions in custody and visitation agreements.

Fathers in Texas Get the Help You Need

Dealing with an ex-spouse who has Malicious Mother Syndrome can be exhausting. You may find yourself buried under unnecessary court dates and have to spend a shocking amount of money on legal fees. If you believe that you are being treated unfairly by your ex-spouse, get the help you need to stop the vicious cycle.  Call or text for help.

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