How Fathers can Prepare for Divorce in Texas

Documents You Need to Have to Prepare for Divorce in Texas

DivorceThere are several different types of materials you should collect in advance.  It will help you to prepare for divorce in Texas.

Both you and your spouse should put together a parenting plan that you would like to propose.

Furthermore, other useful documentation may include:

Proposed rights and duties of each parent;
Your proposed custody and visitation arrangement;
Your proposed child support arrangement, including health insurance;

You should not only record how much time is spent with your child but also the activities that you are responsible for.  Furthermore, this must also be accounted for the other parent.  Also, you should keep track of any specific care provided.

This information will help the court decide which parent the child may be most used to.   Furthermore, remember, that there are no guarantees that you will end up with the arrangement that you want. The child custody, visitation, or support arrangement may be different from what you initially wanted. However, the more information you can provide the court the higher likelihood that the judge will grant your requests.

The second step is to divide your financial assets and liabilities with your spouse.

So, to prepare for divorce in Texas, you should also collect all available documents about your financial assets and liabilities. In addition, it should include:

  • Bank account statements;
  • Brokerage account statements;
  • Reports for all retirement accounts;
  • All insurance or annuity policies;
  • Tax returns for the past five years;
  • Records regarding all debts;
  • Employment records, including income and any benefits;
  • Business records if you or your spouse own a company; and
  • Any pre or postnuptial marital agreements you have entered into with your spouse.

Prepare for Divorce in Texas

You and your spouse will also have to divide all of your physical property.

Also, to prepare proper documentation for property division, you should gather:Divorce in Texas

  • Deeds to any real estate;
  • Title information on any vehicles owned; and
  • List out all physical property owned by you and your spouse.
  • You should also develop a written proposal for how you would like to see the property divided.

Finally, you should also compile the following information:

  • Driver’s license and social security numbers;
  • Birth certificates;
  • The date and location (city & state) of your spouse's birth;
  • Your passport and social security card; and
  • Your children's social security numbers/cards, birth certificates, and passports.

Learn How to Prepare for Divorce in Texas

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