Fathers Rights

Fathers Rights is a term often used to describe a goal and/or a movement.  People often associate Parental Responsibility and Non-Custodial Parental Rights with Fathers Rights.

What Are Fathers Rights?

Fathers Rights often refer to the rights dads have to their children after divorce or separation. Most people think of Fathers Rights associated with parenting time or the time that a dad possession of his child.  However, much more is included in these rights than just parenting time.

  • Father’s Rights include the right to such things as:
    • to determine where the child lives,
    • make educational decisions regarding the child,
    • make medical decisions regarding the child,
    • apply for and/or hold a child’s passport,
    • to determine a child’s religious education and teachings,
    • to teach a child your values, ethics and morals,
    • And so much more.

Indeed too often fathers are not involved in their children’s lives, whether through court order voluntary abandonment of the relationship.

Stay Involved

Over and over again studies show that children need both parents. All too often fathers choose to neglect their responsibility to parent their child. Fatherhood has changed the role of a father both within the family and in single-parent homes.

There are always various initiatives or movements that are pursuing equal rights for fathers.  Why should dads settle for equal rights to moms?  Why can’t dads have more rights than moms?

Nearly every state’s Family Law Statutes treat men and women equally as parents.  It’s not the laws that need to change, it’s people’s actions.  First, more fathers need to step up and be a father to their children, Quit complaining about what they don’t have. Instead take advantage of what they do have and continually work for more if they choose.

Dads need to exercise their rights. Stop listening to the nonsense that so many attorneys spew about fathers needing to give in to the female parent because the male parent always loses in family court. Instead, stand up for themselves, and more importantly, stand up for their children.

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Fathers Rights, know them, exercise them and stay in your child’s life.

Please remember that this article is for information purposes only and is not intended to be or substitute for legal advice.  Please contact Fathers Rights Initiative and consult with an attorney there or elsewhere for legal advice.

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