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If you are a Houston father who is struggling with getting partial or full custody of your child, savvy Houston Fathers Rights attorneys can help.

Houston Fathers Rights Attorneys

Whether you are in the process of getting divorced, separated or already divorced, one of the most important matters to sort out is child custody.   According to Texas Family Code Section 160, if you are the presumed father, you have certain rights and duties.

As a father, you have the right to physically see your children.  Furthermore, you have the right to determine where the child will reside (along with the mother’s input).  Also, you have a duty to provide sufficient food, shelter, and clothing.  In addition, this also includes medical care, schooling, and education. These are just some of the most common rights that fathers in Texas have.  If the child’s mother is preventing you from seeing your children, it may be time to seek legal assistance.

If your children's mother is also excluding you from important decisions around the welfare and best interest of your children, you have a right to be involved.

Consult Houston Fathers Rights Attorneys for More Information

Trying to figure out exactly what your rights are as a father in Texas can be a lot easier with professional help.  Instead of assuming certain things, it is best to get sound advice for Houston Fathers Rights Attorneys.  Texas Fathers Rights Lawyers have years of experience handling all types of family law matters.  Whether you need assistance with divorce, paternity, child support, child custody or adoption, seeking legal assistance from a Fathers Advocate can be a great assistance.

Some Advantages to Working with Texas Fathers Rights Attorneys

Texas Fathers Rights Attorneys can help you with all types of legal matters related to divorce and family law.  They may even be able to help get custody of your children or lower your child support payments when possible.  They can counsel and advise you on complicated matters and paperwork that you may need to file.  In addition, they may refer you to outside resources that can help you with your most immediate needs.

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Consult Houston Fathers Rights Lawyers before making any major decisions that may impact your custody rights.  Call or text today.

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