Are You Behind on Child Support Payments?

Back Child Support in Texas

No one likes to be in debt, and being behind on child support in Texas can be particularly serious. That's because the state can take steps to collect back child support in Texas that may include taking paychecks and seizing the money in bank accounts.

It's a stressful situation, and most fathers are anxious to make it go away. This isn't easy, but it can be done with some cooperation. Some fathers also may be able to lower child support in Texas, which makes this situation less likely to happen again.

Reasons Fathers May Fall Behind on Child Support in Texas

Fathers who must pay child support in Texas may get behind on the payments for many reasons. Sometimes, it is because of a decrease in pay or losing a job. Back child support in Texas also may be the result of unexpected financial emergencies or because of being in jail. Whatever the reason, it's important to deal with the situation rather than ignoring it.

The good news is that the state government generally is willing to negotiate a settlement on child support in Texas. They figure that it's better to get some payment than none at all. The tricky part may be getting the child's mother to agree.

Consider Filling Out a Request for Review Form

Child Support in Texas

The former spouse or girlfriend is the only person who can forgive the missing child support payments. She can do so for just a part of what's owed or for the whole amount. You can start the process by calling the Office of the Attorney General in Texas. They will send you a form called a request for review. You fill it out and mail it in. Then, the Attorney General's office will contact the other parent to set up a meeting. Both parents and a caseworker meet to negotiate a settlement. If your offer of a lump-sum payment or payment plan is accepted, then at least part of your debt will disappear.

This also may be a good opportunity to ask to lower child support in Texas. Usually, this is a separate process that must go through the court system. It may take some time to get your payments lowered, but it's worth it if your paychecks have gone down or if other things are making it hard to stick with the original child support payments.

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