Do You Have Child Support Arrearage?

Child Support ArrearageMany fathers in Texas fall behind in their child support payments at one point or another. This can be stressful for everyone. Fortunately, solutions are available. By being upfront about the difficulty and dealing with it head-on, it is possible to keep relationships intact.   Furthermore, to also avoid the most damaging legal problems.

If you have child support arrearage, it is not a good idea to ignore the problem. The government is empowered to take severe actions when fathers in Texas do not meet their child support payments. This can mean that the government takes part of your paycheck or money from your bank accounts. If you would prefer to avoid this, then you must take action.

Perhaps the most straightforward way to deal with a child support arrearage is to pay it. It can mean taking on extra work for a period of time.   Moreover, putting strict limits on your personal spending so that you can put more money toward child support. It is not easy, but it gives the children the financial support they need and keeps you out of legal trouble.

Could There Have Been an Error in Child Support Records?

Some fathers in Texas have been able to prove that there is an error in child support records. This can take a lot of time, but if a large amount of money is involved, then the effort may be worth it. Mistakes are rare in child support records, but they do happen. You may have to gather considerable evidence to show that you paid the child support to make an effort successful.

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Another way to resolve a child support arrearage is if both parties agree that the money is not owed or should not be paid. Custodial parents who can provide enough money for the child are most likely to agree to this arrangement. They also may decide to accept a smaller amount while waiving their right to the rest of the money they are owed. This process involves going to court, which means that having legal assistance is probably a good idea.

Finally, a father's financial obligation to his child may be erased by his death. When the father passes away, then the custodial parent generally cannot continue to seek back child support.

Need Assistance With Being Behind On Your Child Support Payments?

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