Learn How Self-Employed Fathers Can Lower Child Support in Texas

Self-Employed Fathers

The amount of child support that a non-custodial parent must pay varies on a case by case basis. Those who have a smaller income do not have to pay as much as those who have a larger income. Usually, the court calculates the amount of child support based on the non-custodial parent's net income, which is multiplied by a percentage that is set by law.  If you have questions about how to lower your child support in Texas, contact us today.

If you are a self-employed father, then it may be possible to lower child support in Texas. This is true if your income has decreased, which often happens when a father changes from being an employee to being self-employed. The court looks at the father's gross income. This is the total of earnings from all sources, including salary, tips, overtime, and commissions. Then, certain items are subtracted from the gross earnings. These include things like union dues, federal income tax, Social Security tax and health insurance premiums for dependent children.

Understand Calculations Used to Lower Your Child Support in Texas

The remaining net income is multiplied by a percentage. For instance, the law may dictate that the father use 25 percent of his net income for child support for two children. This means that a man with $2,000 net pay each month would have to pay $500 per month in child support. The percentage varies according to how many children the father is supporting. For instance, supporting four children requires multiplying net income by 35 percent.

Lower Child Support in Texas

If your circumstances have changed since the initial child support calculations were completed, then it is possible to ask for a reduction in the amount of child support you pay. Usually, you must demonstrate to the court that your income has changed since the original child support order became effective. If you recently became self-employed, then chances are good that your income has gotten smaller. In cases like this, the court is willing to lower child support in Texas based on your lower gross income.

It is important that you not reduce your child support payments without petitioning the court first. Doing so could lead to legal trouble that is costly and time-consuming. You may need legal assistance to guide you through this process.

Learn How You Can Lower Child Support in Texas

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