What to Do If Your Wife Has a Child With Another Man in Texas

child with another man in Texas

Divorce is complicated, especially when kids are involved. Not surprisingly, when a wife has a child with another man before the divorce is final, the situation gets even more difficult. In fact, it can cause long delays and legal problems that aren't easy to sort out.

That's because when a woman who is married to one man has a child with another man in Texas, the court may refuse to continue with the divorce. This is because the husband is assumed to be the child's father under the law. Judges don't want to overlook any important matters in the divorce.  Therefore, they wait until after the child is born before making a ruling on things like custody and child support.

Waiting for the baby to be born is in addition to the standard 60-day waiting period that the state requires in any divorce. This means that you may not be able to get divorced for a long time.  Moreover, if both of you want out of the marriage and she is pregnant by another man.

DNA Testing Will Be Useful

Testing to determine who the father of the child actually does not happen until after the birth. This can be a maddening situation for a man who knows that he is not the father of his wife's baby. Luckily, DNA testing can be used to show that the woman had a child with another man in Texas.  Furthermore, it can show that this happened before the divorce was finalized.DNA testing

When a wife has a child with another man, there are ways to protect yourself.  One way is to file a Denial of Paternity at the Texas Vital Statistics Unit. Filing the right paperwork may be a good way to ensure that you don't end up supporting a child that is not yours.

Of course, sometimes a woman has a child by another man during the course of the marriage. Her husband may raise the child, mistakenly thinking that it is his. In these cases, he may want to maintain his relationship with the child and continue to provide financial support. The courts may make this possible, especially if they believe that continuing the relationship is good for the child.

If you suspect that your wife is having a child with another man in Texas and you need help, call or text today.

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