Parental Alienation Syndrome, How to Cope

Parental AlienationFathers frequently face the issue of coping with parental alienation.  We hear from fathers in the Dallas and Fort Worth area that they struggle with how to respond to their children when the children have been subjected to half-truths and misrepresentations by the mother or other family members.

Outcome of Parental Alienation

Many time the parental alienation is an unintended outcome of negative language that the mother does not realizes interferes with the father-child relationship.  This can occur by referring to the father as lazy, irresponsible, cheap, or other negative adjectives.

Other times this alienation is intentional to create a wedge between the child and father.  In these cases the mother may even tell the child that their father is too busy for them or has another family so he doesn’t care about them.  When the mother has full-time access to the child the results can be devastating to the child-father relationship.

Resulting Impact

The resulting impact to the child often results in the child withdrawing from the father.  This behavior has been officially dubbed by the psychological community at Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

Parental Alienation Syndrome deprives the child of their rights to know both parent love them.  Regrettably, the mother seldom realizes that was is occurring is a form of psychological child Dallas and Forth Worthabuse.  Fathers suffer the loss of parenting time with their child, however, the real victims of this immature behavior is the child.

Dr. Richard Gardner’s definition of Parental Alienation Syndrome is a disorder that arise primarily in the context of child-custody disputes.  Its expression is the smearing of the non-custodial parent with no justification.  The result is programming (brainwashing) the child to the point that the child also begins to target the non-custodial parent with negative word and feelings.

Act Now

Don’t let the mother's action or words be an excuse for you to not spend time with you child.  Make sure you know your parental rights.  It may be difficult at first to keep silent and/or pleasant when the mother is bad-mouthing you.  But your child needs to spend time with you to understand what they are being told is not the truth.

Fathers in the Dallas and Forth Worth area if you need help seeing your child, contact us.  Don’t let another day go by without being in your child’s life.


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