Parental Alienation is Real and Serious, Recognize the Symptoms

parental alienationIn the majority of families, the children want a good relationship with both of their parents. That's especially true during and after a divorce when kids are particularly in need of the love and support of their mother and father.

After a divorce, it is common for children to feel as if they don't get enough time with either parent. The parent they live with most of the time is preoccupied with providing basic necessities and must spend a lot of time working. The other parent only may be seen on weekends and during other visits. Also, kids tend to feel that they are not getting enough attention from either parent in these situations.

This only gets worse when one of the parents starts trying to alienate the child from the other parent. Called parental alienation, this problem comes about when one of the parents can't seem to let go of their anger at their former spouse.

This anger and bitterness can become impossible for the child to ignore. They start blaming the other parent too, especially when the parent they live with is frequently finding fault with the other parent and putting all of the blame on the other parent.

Experiencing Parental Alienation in Texas?

Parental alienation in Texas can get worse. Signs may include the parent interfering with court-ordered visitation. They may do this by giving the child an attractive alternative or suggesting that the other parent doesn't want to spend time with the child.parental alienation in Texas

Sometimes parental alienation will involve one parent requesting that the child spy on the other parent. Then, the alienating parent asks for personal details concerning the other parent. In extreme cases, the child is asked to choose one parent over the other.  To learn more about parental alienation, check out Texas state statutes here.

When one parent wants to punish the other through the child, the results can be hurtful to everyone. In fact, it can be considered a form of child abuse. Parental alienation in Texas can lead to physical and emotional damage that can be extremely difficult to repair. This is why it is essential to recognize the signs of parental alienation and to take steps to address the problem.

Is Your Ex-Spouse Dealing With Parental Alienation Syndrome?

It is necessary to keep a record of events that seem meant to divide you from your children. These documents may help you to build a legal case against your spouse. If you feel you are a victim of Parent Alienation Syndrome call or text today.

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