What Are a Fathers Rights to School Records in Texas?

Fathers Rights to School RecordsAs a father, you have full rights to your child, including the right to access and review school records in Texas. Many divorced fathers mistakenly believe that they need a court order or other papers that allow them to participate in their child's education.  This is not true unless your rights as a father have been terminated or if there is a court order that says you cannot review your child's school records.  Learn more about your rights as a parent to your children's education records so you can make the most of your time with your child.

As long as your name is on your child's birth certificate, you can to look at your child's school records. A fathers rights to school records are exactly the same as the mothers. If you have questions about your child's classes, want to take part in school activities or join teacher conferences, then you can do that.

If your ex-wife or soon-to-be ex-wife is denying you these rights, then you can take her to court. The truth is that many moms, and school employees, don't understand a fathers rights.  This is especially true with regard to school records in Texas. They think that if the father is not the custodial parent that they cannot have access to such records. This is actually not the case.

If anything, papers or orders related to school are likely to restrict the father's access to records of all kinds. Prior to any of these orders coming into effect, all fathers have full access to their children's records for school, health care, and counseling. Many court orders do not necessarily restrict your access to important information unless your parental rights have been terminated.

You may want to go to your child's school to make sure that your name is on your child's records. This means that report cards and other paperwork will be sent directly to you as well as the child's mother. Don't forget to be as involved as possible in your child's life at school. Attending events, putting in volunteer time and showing up at parent/teacher conferences all show how committed you are to raising your child.

Better Understand Fathers' Rights to School Records

Fathers rights to school records are often misunderstood. Take part in your child's schooling today, you have rights.  When denied these rights it may be necessary to go to court to enforce those rights.  Don't be denied the access you are entitled to in regards to your child and their school records.  Call or text today.


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