Learn What You Can Do if You Are Not the Child's Biological Father

What happens when you find out that the child you've been supporting isn't really yours? You'll probably have many feelings about it: confusion, anger, and sadness among them. Like it or not, you're going to have to deal with some tough questions.

If you've been paying child support for several years, then your feelings are bound to be complicated. Furthermore, and have taken part in raising the child and you've developed a relationship with this child. Whether you're related by blood or not, you love the child, and the child loves and depends upon you. It may make sense to do everything you can to remain a part of the child's life.

What if the situation is different? If you think that it's unfair to have to pay child support for a child that's not yours, then you'll want to find a way to end or lower child support in Texas. Fortunately, state law makes this possible.

Take Action Quickly Once You Find Out You Are Not the Child's Biological Father

It is possible for you to ask the court to end child support payments after you discover that you are not really the child's father. However, you do have to follow certain rules. For instance, you must petition the court within one year of discovering that you are not the child's biological father. The courts will not hear your case if you wait too long. They simply assume that you have decided to support the child regardless of not having a blood relationship.

You may be able to ask the court to end child support payments even if you signed an Acknowledgement of Paternity at the time of birth. That may be especially true if you signed the paper with the understanding that you were the child's biological father. If you find out later that you were misled, you may have a strong case to make.

The Best Interest of the Children Will Always Come First

As always, Texas courts think about the best interests of the child.  Even when it comes to decisions to lower child support in Texas. This means that these cases are not always as straightforward as they should be. Even if the court does agree that you shouldn't pay more child support, they will still insist that you pay any child support that's already owed. Not paying that money can result in more legal headaches.  Get help with your rights today, call or text.


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