What To Expect From a Pro Bono Lawyer?

Pro Bono LawyerMany fathers facing difficult legal situations and unsure where to turn for help? A father worried about maintaining his relationship with his children may find a consultation with a pro bono lawyer is the best place to start. A pro bono lawyer offers free initial meetings called consultations. During the consultation, a pro bono divorce attorney or pro bono family law attorney will gather information about the father’s situation so he or she can give specific advice.

What to  Expect a Fathers Rights Pro Bono Lawyer

Most private practice family law attorneys provide some pro bono services.  However, the number of people seeking pro bono services is far greater than the number of hours attorneys can provide in pro bono services.  This can make finding and receiving services of a pro bono attorney challenging.

Fathers Rights Pro Bono LawyerA Pro Bono Lawyer may not be the only option.  Many attorneys will also offer free consultations, work at a discounted rate or be able to provide limited scope services.  The services depend on each attorney.

It is important to find legal services that specialize in family law and fathers rights.  Experienced fathers rights lawyers will understand the family court system and the Texas Family Code.  These lawyers also believe that a father has as much of a right to his children as the mother.  Fathers Rights lawyers will provide advice on how to protect a father's cherished relationship with his child.  They do not act in the interest of the other parent. They do not represent your children. Their sole purpose is to provide you with the information and strategy advice you need to make the right decisions.

Find Legal Assistance Through Fathers Rights

The Fathers Rights program has evolved over the past 40 years to help fathers overcome a variety of family court issues they face. Often agreements can be reached outside of a contested court hearing if both parties are willing to put the best interest of the child first.

Fathers Rights is dedicated to improving the ability of fathers across Texas to be able to parent their child and remain engaged in that child's life.  We help fathers with any legal issues that involve their family.

What Can Father For Equal Rights Provide Assistance With?

Fathers Rights can help you with:

  • Child custody
  • Child visitation rights
  • Child protection order
  • Divorce
  • Child support; and more

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