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Visitation in Texas

Are you a father in Texas who is wondering about the visitation schedule during the holidays? Texas laws related to custody and visitation schedules are governed by Title 5, Chapter 153 of the Texas Family Code.

According to this code, parents must provide a safe and stable living environment for their children.  Furthermore, when it comes to possession and access to the children, the court will always consider the best interests of the children.

If you do not have primary custody of your children, then you will get visitation rights during the holidays.  Holiday visitation schedules do not take distance into consideration.  Usually, the court will not allow parents to have the same holidays with the children for the 2nd year. Furthermore, visitation during the holidays has to do with odd numbered and even-numbered years.

Visitation Schedules During the Holidays

If you and your ex-decide to set up an alternate holiday schedule that is different from the standard possession order, you can do so.  The proper way to do this is discussing the schedule in advance and then to put it in writing.  The court may choose to approve or unapproved this schedule.  Furthermore, if you cannot come to an agreement with the mother of your child, the court will determine what is best.

Parents Responsibilities When Setting up a Visitation Schedule

There are certain responsibilities that each parent will have when they are in possession of their child:

  • Provide food, clothing, and shelter,
  • Provide medical care and treatment if and when necessary,
  • Monitor the behavior of the child and discipline (reasonably) when necessary.

It is best for both parents to put forth a parenting plan that has been agreed upon.   It is important to do this because the courts will ask for the parenting plan in order to make their decisions.

visitation schedule

In addition, if both parents have a history of conflict, the court can take further action to resolve outstanding issues. Texas courts may order parents to:

  • See a family therapy counselor that has a mental health license,
  • Pay for the counseling,
  • See a counselor trained in domestic violence (if necessary).

Are You a Dad Who Has Questions About Visitation in Texas During the Holidays?

The holidays are a special time and fathers look forward to spending time with their children.  If you need assistance with visitation during the holidays call or text today.

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